guest account won't sign in???

 my gold membership was renewed about a week ago so that's not the problem but every time I try to sign in a guest for multi player it says my female or password is incorrect and gives me a error code that is not recognised on Xbox support page. Me and my two lads have played multi player more than single since getting the game last year so we are at a loss with this pleas help


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Maybe because your not suppossed to "act like" admin, mods, or devs, dunno.

I was quit impressed with the imagination for a 9 year old.  But doubt that's the problem

Im surprised that gamertag was even allowed. Youll probably need a change soon. Whats the one you are trying to sign in with? Xbox moderator?............//facepalm

I was surprised it was allowed to. So player one is signed in to callofdutyadmin account and will play online but when a second player trays to join in as hues it won't allow them to sign in

Make sure you are signing the guest in as "guest" and not a free account that you have created.

It's the Xbox live guest account that won't sign in.  my Xbox live account will sign in but it wants my password and email first then says it was wrong and gives me a code 80048821 then if I exit back to the game I can play. But if I try to sing in player two as guest (Xbox live) it gives the same message and signs bought out and back to square one. I have checked my account login details and changed my proofs and passwords but still no change.

  Thats odd. It has done that for me when I've accidentally picked one of the other accounts on my console. Are you sure the child didnt use his imagination and create himself an account titled "guest" ?  ... lol

Yep checked that and only one guest account and only when player two is trying to sign in