Guess what I can do

I can count how many days are left with one hand :D


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I can watch live streams of Skyrim until release day...

.................................what does that have to do with anything I'm talking about the number of days left until its released.

So am I...

you must have some freaky hands, there are six days left, counting today.

eh I dont know what time zone you live in, but I posted this like at 1 in the morning i think i don't really remember.

Right now there's 4 days and 13 hours

I love doing this :P

What about a midnight release bootstrap? I don't consider it the next day until i wake up..... So, i will be getting it thursday night, not friday..... :P

Good point Smokey. But I'm always technical with this *** I always I have to precise. Like knowing how much hours are left instead is actually a lot easier for me to cope with because they go by much faster.

Just over 100 hours left!!!