Guardian Stones?

So these just help you level-up quicker?  If I pick Warrior stone its only giving me bonus points to level up faster on warrior perks? an armor? an If I pick Thief stone then it does the same for lock picking? sneak an speech? maybe why I was stuck on one level for soo long, my last game I played pretty much with warrior stone through out becuase I was under the impression that it gave you an advantage IN Battle??


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Nope, just skill for those three. Others do other things. Actually, the Lady gives a health and stamina boost which would help in combat. UESPwiki is your friend. Check it for all the answers.

Get the Lovers Stone it boosts all skills to improve faster..

All stones give you a description of what they do before you accept them.

+1 for the Lovers Stone. Im using a mage/thief character so it helps boost everything from Destruction to Sneak to Archery to Alchemy. Much better than concentrating on one specific skill.

I like the original 3 for very early game but after that it is Lord if I want some defense or Lover for all round skill increases.

I forget the name of the specific stone, but I'm a fan of the "Invisibility" granting stone.  I find it very helpful in the tombs when coming across some tough bosses.  Especially, as part of a stealth based character.

yeah for some reason on this playthrough Im stumbling on a few more guardian stones with PERKs that can be used once a day.. I found one on the Isl of Ice Flurry? where the stormcloak boss sent me LOL..

The "Lover" stone happens to be my favorite.