Guardian Boostin anyone

Normally I dont boost because I think its cheap and not fun but Gears 3 is right around the corner and that 2xp dont do crap. Im 86 and If I get my wings before the end of the event I'll help those who at least lv 80 and up boost to.

If your interested in boosting just send me a message over xbox live. GT is IMM4CUL4T3


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It's 21x form today until the 5th at 9 am EST.

If you're going to boost...might as well boost in king of the hill. You'll probably get around 500k-600k XP a match.

A great place to find people looking for the same achievements that you are is TA. You can set up the time and game you want to play and how many players you need. You should have players sign up pretty quick...lot's more gamers over there than on here.

everyone add "act right" for the boosting, KOTH does seem to be the best method

Thanks OleMIssRebel10 going to set one up for later today and Act Right I'll send you a request.

And yeah most people think KOTH is the way to boost but  KOTH yield a very low point ratio.

Annex 0.26

King of The Hill 0.28

Submission 0.49

Guardian 0.91

Execution 0.98

Warzone 1.00

Wingman 1.09

As you can see from the Numbers Above Guardian has a much higher payout than KOTH. The key to boosting with guardian is simply keep guardians alive for most of the match and kill them in the last  couple of minutes. If played correctly you can outdo any xp that you can get from KOTH but doing so is hard unless there is cooperation on both teams.

I boosted KOTH during the 30x event and got 700k a match. One guy went from 1 to 100 in a bout 8 hours.