Guard Awareness

I just got to acre to kill William of montferrat and when I walked into the town my awareness meter was already blinking red and if i just walked down the street the guards would attack me is there a way to keep my profile low?


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Unfortunatly the further you progress in the game the more the guards are looking for you, if you can keep blending with the monks or civilians to avoid detection. I don't think there is a way of reducing your notoriety until the later AC games.

I just killed near enough every guard with the hidden blade :/ That way I could walk around care free :L But it is annoying when it blinks red and they attack for no reason, even when you do the normal blending with no monks or anything.

i beat the whole game but it took 5 days after that 1 part when your suppose to find king James and that other 1 never could find them lol