GTA:V "Play Disk" install workaround

I was going to test installing disk 1 to the HDD, and disk 2 (play disk) to a Flash drive. Well it looks like Eurogamer has already done this, and according to them it looks like a viable workaround from using your optical drive.

So today I formatted a 32GB flash drive and my Xbox told me it didn't meet the performance recommendations but will still work. The read speed of the flash drive is 20+MB/sec, but only 4MB/sec write speed. The DVD drive on an Xbox, I believe, is 15MB/sec so the flash drive is faster. I'm hoping I got that message because of the slow write speed.

Anyway, I will still be testing this method out tomorrow (can't justify a midnight pickup) and will post back what I find on this thread.


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I had to install both discs as my disc kept reading 'unrecognizable' during play.

Disc-drive problem, not the game.

No problems since I've installed both discs though, plus my Xbox is much quieter. 

Supposedly the game will still play if you install disc 2, but your graphics will be sub-par.  Some screenshots here:

I have played the game with this method for a few hours now, (disk1HDD,disk2USB) and I have not seen any performance issues, no pop-ins or bad textures, load times seem to be fine also.


I would say this workaround is valid and if you don't want to run the disk or have pop-ins try this. I will leave my setup this way unless Rockstar releases a patch to have it all on the HDD.


NOTE: This method may not work with every flash drive.

I have both disks installed to my 250GB HDD(slim). I played without disk two installed originally. The system is about two weeks old. No noticable differences so far. Using VGA HD cable at 1920x1080.