GTAV - BF3: Funny Thing

Funny thing, I waited in line out front of GameStop at midnight to pick up my copy of "Battlefield 3", the same day, which after midnight was the 25th, I checked Rockstar Games' site for updates, as I always do and BAM, BOOM, KAPLOW! as a answer from Heaven there was the countdown to "Grand Theft Auto V" trailer....

I IMMEDIATELY felt as if I just wasted a bunch of money, even though GTA V won't be released for probably another year haha

Weird, huh?

Battlefield 3 is fun... But, they screwed us over and didn't give us a DANG thing we were promised...

-Destruction on a macro-micro scale.... Instead, we get LIMITED destruction that is exactly like Bad Company 2's. What changed? the graphics, that's it.


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I didn't get BF3 because of EXACTLY what you just described. All I saw was Bad Company 2 with more gamma's in the coloring and a teeny bit milkier graphics engine. And 1v1 jet battles. Whoooooo....

I could go 8v8 in Ace Combat...I would say you probably did but that's up to the gamer. Personally, Assassins Creed Revelations, Gears of War 3, and MAYBE Prototype 2 will hold me till GTA 5. CANNOT WAIT!