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As a lot of the community knows, "Grand Theft Auto 5" has been announced, and I just wanted to list a few things that should be added and/or addressed from the previous installments, more specifically "Grand Theft Auto IV".

- The ambulances were such an aggravation for me for some odd reason, I had the constant feeling that Rockstar just got lazy with the creation of the Ambulances. The ambulance was just 100% incorrect as far as the light arrangements. The FDNY ambulance lights are not directly attached to the roof, as no other ambulance I have seen. The main lights are usually attached to the bed, hovering above the roof, another aggravating thing that Rockstar never fails to do is the Ambulance's bed-lights, THEY DON'T LIGHT UP!  They should most definitely light up in Grand Theft Auto V, no excuses. Also, Ambulances now-a-days are Ford F-350's in a lot of places. The ambulance in Grand Theft Auto IV used the front end model of the Burrito (Van), when I feel it should have used.... a Rancher? which would have made a more bad-**** looking Ambulance.

- Police Cars, please, please, please stay away from the tradition "New York Style" lights.... I hate them, and it seems like a lazy way out of making more eye-popping lights, of course in order to stay true to the replication of New York, these lights were mandatory for Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, which is taking place in California, (Confirmed by casting list, leaked a couple of months ago) this is the brilliant opportunity to make more brilliant looking lights... LED light bar on the roof, maybe some LED's on the back window and in the front grill... If you remember, Rockstar Games got lazy with the LED light-bar in Grand Theft Auto IV, the NOOSE patrol car had them and they lit up the very same way the LCPD patrol cars' did.

- The graphics will no doubt resemble "Red Dead Redemption" more than it will "Grand Theft Auto IV", with things seeming more solid and real. The vehicles in Grand Theft Auto IV felt.... fake, the looked real, but they felt fake and light they should make the vehicles in GTAV feel more heavy.

-Customization, as far as the single-player character goes I think you should only be allowed to shave his beard/mustache and change his clothes. That's it, I think too much customization within Single-player leads to the player being detached from the character, even though I was never interested in Niko as a character, I was more attached to him than I ever will/could be to my character from Saints Row, the image just changes too much and there is no personality to get attached too, other than your own and if you're not that kind of person to get attached to yourself, it's hard to get attached to a character that you created, emotionally. It's easier to emotionally invest in a character that has one personality, I'm interested in the kind of careless, obnoxious smart-**** personality, commonly seen on the popular TV shows "House M.D." and "Supernatural", the specific characters obviously being Dr. Gregory House and Dean Winchester. That is the kind of personality that attracts my attention to a male character in any movie, TV show or video-game. We all like other kind of personalities, but most of us are attracted to the careless, obnoxious characters, even though we hate people like that in actuality. It's amusing to see people act like that to other people on-screen. Of course, Dean Winchester had a careless attitude, but he deeply cared for his brother Sam Winchester, and Gregory House had that careless attitude, but he had a deep-love for Cutty and all of his work-buddies. So, just because the character is careless, doesn't mean they have to be emotion-less. But, back to the customization as I evidentally drifted away from the point there lol The multi-player customization is another story, the player should ALWAYS feel represented in multi-player matches by their character, so maybe be able to choose from a list of all of the NPC's or have the ability to change the facial structure in-depth, similair to Saints Row's creationism, and then have all of the clothing (seperate) of all the NPCs. That way if I want to play as a cop, I can wear any police uniform that an NPC wears in game, but still being represented by the face of the character. Vehicle customization would add another quality to single-player, but I would much rather see this implemented into multi-player. Another way to represent your personality through the vehicles you drive, along with the upgrades.

That's all I feel like writing for now lol



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Jeez, man. Are we on the same brain waves hear? Most of what you listed is EXACTLY what I want to see. I really don't care what the vehicles look like, but I would prefer the option to have lights on/lights and sirens/lights off/ air horn. I would also like to see AT LEAST the FIB Buffalo and Enforcer/Police Stockade make a second appearance, especially in multiplayer. The APC I do not want to see UNLESS it is the kind that shoots water (homage to GTA:SA's "End of the Line"). If you've never heard of the mission, look it up. It had an extremely unique and one-time-only-spawn SWAT Tank, but it was perfect for rioters. Anyways, back to my point. With multiplayer, create more game modes like Cops n Crooks but make them more in depth; not just "kill/gain points". Make us actually have to do something. For example, I made an idea about one of the game modes. It would pit one team (FIB) against Petrovic's gang. The objective was to stop Petrovic from leaving the country via three means of escape: 1) by car, 2) by helcopter, and 3) by boat. Each would be made at different locations and would take on the same manner as Cops n Crooks. Your team would be able to hear hints about the locations (through a wire tap) and would have a short amount of time to figure out the location and thwart the escapes! If you succeeded, you would win $50,000. It would never be that easy; as the game progressed, Petrovic's men would hunt your team down and try to kill them via chopper and car. It was quite an idea when I thought about it, but back to the point. Continiuning with multiplayer, we should be able to have a wide selection of clothes and HMGs idea about NPCs should also be present ala Red Dead Redemption style, but please keep us in the same lobby! Make so we can stay in the same lobby but be able to change clothes! This would be wicked. The next thing is we should be able to store cars, clothing, weapons, anything at a safehouse, which we have at the beginning of Free Mode and are able to upgrade it ala Saint's Row. I also hope we can make some vehicles UC cars or turn some cars into police cars by adding LEDs, lightbars, bull bars, brush guards, and even little "cherry lights".

As I have stated many times,  please take all the FUN ideas from San Andreas, Vice City, and Saints Row 2/3, and put them all into GTA5 and you will have one of the best sandbox games in history.    GTA4 was a huge disappointment for me. In fact I would say its one of the biggest disappointments for the 360.   Cant buy houses, cant buy bikes, cant buy cars, cant customize cars, no parachute until TBOGT, no monster trucks, no planes, stuck with Nikko because no character customization, and the list goes on.  The 16 player multiplayer free roam was a lot of fun. Best part of the game.  But the GTA roots we grew up with were not in GTA4 at all.  This is their opportunity to redeem themselves after the huge disappointment of GTA4.

Most likely, it was their (R*) idea all along to make GTA 4 look like crap. Now they can WOW us again with V. I predict all the stuff from San Andreas, plus other versions will be back, it will be more focused on RP communities, and we'll at least be able to have some form of Law Enfrocement uniforms/vehicles in Multiplayer.


Thats a pretty good marketing strategy.  I think a lot of the problems with GTA4 was that it was their first attempt on the new console.  Now that they have had several games on it, they will have it mastered for GTA5.  At least I hope.  This trailer really needs to be dang good tomorrow.

I'm wondering if we'll stay with the cycle of past cities (VC, SA) but redesigned or will R* actually venture comewhere new (Washington D.C, other)? TBH, I hope they stay in SA because it had a little bit of everything to satisfy everyone as far as gameplay and terrain.

*waiting for the trailer :)

What did I tell you, CAMARO? That was R*'s marketing strategy all along. Make GTA IV look like semi-crap, then blow us away with V.

I tried reading this but it was definitely too difficult to bare putting effort into. Truthfully, I had to stop after the first (VERY LONG) two points were about the lighting of emergency vehicle's. I personally would prefer them putting their valuable time into improving more crucial game aspect's they neglected in IV.

Anyways I am just so crazy excited for this game!!! I'm so happy they set it in Los Santos!

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