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I've a question: My buddy owns a disc of the Episodes of Liberty: TLAD & TBOGT and I own the disc of the original GTA IV. But we can't find each other in multiplayer, Player and Ranked. Are we doing something wrong or is it just not possible? NAT is open on both 360's.

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Thanks for the answers. But its pretty stupid tho, its the DLC from the original game. If I dont get any DLC/mappacks of a multiplayer game and buddy does, I still can connect with him. The only thing is, we dont play the new maps. I thought/hoped this worked the same, too bad.

You'd have to either purchase the same disc your friend has, or download TBoGT dlc via the marketplace... I know with TLAD via marketplace there used to be any issue with not being able to connect with TLAD users on the disc version.. I much prefer TBoGT anyways.. Hope this helps, but yes as it stands you will not be able to play together..

if you have the original GTA IV and he has TLAD and TBOGT disk then why do you think you're going to find eachother on multiplayer? They are 3 different games that all take place in Liberty City. Just like how you would not find your friend while your playing MW2 and hes playing MW1.