This trailer is going to be awesome!

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Let's us just hope the game doesn't take the wrong path GTA4 did. Serious, serious, serious. The previous games were seriously over the top, and thankfully Ballad of G*y Tony came to save the day.

You guys might be amused to hear that Conservapedia is linking the unreleased GTA V with the recent random shooting at VT-


"Conservapedia proven right, again: the latest Virginia Tech shooter may have been "influenced by the recent burst of video games shooters such as Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. His style of the killing is similar to the upcoming Rockstar’s title Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)."


Does that make sense to anyone? I'd link the site but they're a bunch of hate mongers and they don't deserve the blip of traffic it would bring.

When is the release date for this game?

I hope there isn't just wasted space with countryside for miles and miles like in San Andrea's


There should be a ski slope that you can go ski-ing down, and well as sledging :P

I didn't expect them to bring back the whole map from SA because of the detail they had in GTA IV, but seeing a reinvented Los Santos is still awesome enough.

There are no other city's

but if its turns out to be there biggest game world yet it might no be as bad as people who have played GTA SA might think.

[quote user="TheBlackDah1ia"]

Really bums me out that they arent bringing back the whole of San Andreas. I loved the city map in that game so much, I just hated the story haha.

But heres some good news read down at the bottom here Rockstar themselves have said that this is the biggest GTA game they have ever done, so whatever city they do its apparently going to be much larger than the original San Andreas map. And that was already huge!


Its just a teaser trailer.  Maybe later they will release more info about the other cities or surrounding ares.   They said its the biggest GTA game the have made so there is still hope. 

I really hope that this isn't happening, the game is 90% ready as a standard controller game, but they are working on Kinect to be compatable :(

I'm hoping for a good parody of silly "reality" stars like the Kardashians. Rockstar has always done well with making fun of pop culture and they've got plenty of ammo being that this is basically LA.

Lol @ Crazy's post.

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