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I have already completed the main story at the expense of leaving a few side missions out of the mix but I need information on something. The Golf Club costs around $150 million and I'm sort of at a loss on where to get money from now? Sure robbing the gruppe trucks for around $5k a time is alright and the occasional gas station job is fine but it would take intense grinding for a VERY long time to be able to achieve the funds I need for the golf club. I already know about investing in the stock market and I have made a good few profits off of it. Not big enough profits though, so does anybody have any ideas?


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If you have enough to buy a lot of other Properties, buy them and then sleep a lot (for weeks payment). If you've already past the Assassination Missions, it's kinda too late to make a lot more in the Stock Market.

This is what I've been doing.


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That's a good way too exploit the game haha, I may have to get on it but making money that way could get a bit tedious. You'd have to do it around 100 times to make at least 1.2 million. Shame that the 'heist' feature wasn't really developed upon properly for the single player. Definitely something they could have built upon with the potential it had.

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I could care less. Lol

No worries, I'm not saying if someone uses it but the person who found it. I wonder if it was the same for the 25k Case on the west coast that the gangsters were fighting over?

Epic if you are doing that in that place i suggest you to look for the vid that show the location of the suitcase with 25k.