Purchased GTA V from the xbox store this morning all the packs have dowloaded and now get an 'alert' message on the screen saying that the game is corrupt and needs to download further files .... I have done all the troubleshooting and cleared my xbox system cache aswell as deleted restarted etc etc and still getting the same message ??? At the moment there are hints and tips in the bottom left corner and in the right bottom corner the downloading icon and its been like this for 40 minutes ?? Has anyone else had this problem when downloading from the xbox store and how long did it finally take to actually start working?? 


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i am having the same issues. i even went as far as to erase the game completely and download it again, but it still says that the game is missing files. all i want to do is play the game and not waste 60 dollars.

How big is your HDD? How much storage do you have left? Maybe you're running out of space? I think you need like 8GB of free storage after you install GTA V.

If not, I really don't know what the problem can be.

same thing is happening to me my friend that has the game bought at gamestop he saying that a 7189 mb show up at the bottom left corner and it takes an hour and nothing happned to me

There is 2 free DLC in market place required to play. Did you guys download these?

Downloaded the dlc after clearing cache, but still can't download the game