GTA V - Crew Recruitment - Acolyte MC - Need Members Now

Hello people of the Xbox Live & GTA online community. I am looking for some potential members to be apart of my GTA V online crew The A.P.A also known as the Acolyte Protection Agency Motorcycle Chapter. 

Rules & Requirements 

1. Must be mature (13 or older) and can handle orders when given. 

2. No stealing, team killing or setting bounties on other team or non team players unless authorized by Club President. 

3. Must attend meetings / business also known as "Church" (If you can't make it for whatever reason please notify person who organized meeting ahead of time.) 

4. Must learn and be willing to get along with other members (Develop relationships and meet & greet others.) 

5. Respect your leaders & superiors (Your brothers & sisters in arms.)

6. Must show effort and commitment (If you can't perform either then this is not the crew for you.)

7. Must be able to co operate and work as a team properly. 

8. Communication is a major key, do not lack it and learn to speak to your fellow peers.

9. Do not engage in club affairs, such as starting wars without club's consent. This type of action can lead to membership status being revoked. 

10. This is a democratic organization (Club decisions are decided by vote.) 

11. Must own a motorcycle and be main source of transportation (No Sport Bikes, BMX or Scooters used on Joyrides.) If you own the following vehicle's do not worry, I don't hold it against players, but during gang joyrides do not use those following. Only use bikes like Western Bagger, Western Daemon or the LCC Hexer. If you own any sports or super cars do not worry I again do not hold it against players, but do not use it during gang joyrides. Only 4 wheel vehicle is allowed to be use is the gang Burrito van. . 

12. Do not wear crew emblem also know as the "Patch" unless permitted to. (Associates & Prospects are not permitted until proven by staff members.) 

13. No any type of formal  or non casual wear. (See for Dress code below.) 

14. Also we ride together (During gang joyrides, stay in formation, stick with the pack.) 

15. Do not judge by rank, gender or race. (Any and all is capable of joining.) 

Dress Code: (Must be worn at all times)

Torso: Black leather jacket or Crew t-shirt with crew emblem on the back. (Associate & Prospects can wear crew colors, but not crew emblem until proven worthy.) 

Pants: Jeans (Must be Black or Blue) Cargo Pants ( Army Camo.) No work pants, shorts or chinos allowed.

Feet: Boots only (No sneakers or flip flops.)  

Head: No Hats (Black & White Bandana's are permitted, helmets also, but only use when on bike. During robberies or heist use mask, player's choice.) 

Face: Glasses (No white frames or any type of special color or skin frames are allowed, player's choice.) 

Accessories: Watch (Player's choice.)

Tattoos: Any 

Bad Sports Attire and Regulations: 

If a member becomes a bad sport, he or she must wear a certain attire and not crew colors. The A.P.A does not promote nor judge by how a member is classed. Once player is forgiven and out of bad sport lobbies, he or she can start to wear the crew colors again. 

Bad Sport  Leader / President - Vice President takes over crew operations until President serves his time. 

Any other position that gets classed as a "bad sport" the Club President makes a temporary decision to fill in that position until the required player serves his or her's time in bad sport lobbies.

Torso: White v-neck shirt, white tanktop or shirtless, orange track jacket (Player's choice.) 

Pants: Orange work pants. 

Feet: Blue Canvas shoes, white sport shoes or Boots. 

Head: None (Bad sports get a dunce cap.) 

Face: None 

Accessories: None 

Crew Turf: Vespucci Beach & Del Perro 

Crew meetings also known as "Church" will be held at apartments or under the pier in Del Perro. 

Crew Colors, Crew Tag, Titles & Ranks.

Colors: Black & Red 

Tag: APMC (Acolyte Protection Motorcycle Chapter.)


1-10 Associate 

11-20 Friend Of Club 

21-30 Prospect 

31-40 Life Member 

41-50 Road Captain 

51-60 Sergeant At Arms 

61-70 Treasurer 

71-80 Secretary 

81-90 Vice President 

91-100 President 

Crew Hierarchy & Roles  (Open = *Certain Position Is Open For Any Player Who Applies For That Position, Can Handle & Is Able To Accept The Role Of That Position.)

Leader / President: Tangentcrane35 (Contact on Xbox Live Or Rockstar social club)

Commissioner / Vice President: Open (Apply Now) 

Commissioner / Secretary: Open (Apply Now) 

Lieutenant / Treasurer: Open (Apply Now) 

Lieutenant / Sergeant At Arms: Open (Apply Now) 

Lieutenant / Road Captain: Open (Apply Now) 

Representative / Road Captain Assistant (Apply Now) 

Representative / Patch Members:* Open until other positions are filled*

Muscle / Prospects: *Open until other positions are filled* 


President - Has the most control and the final say. 

Vice President - Has little control and gives out the orders.  

Secretary - Sends out the orders & arranges club meetings 

Treasurer - In charge of gang assets / investments such as relationships and alliances with other crews.

Sergeant At Arms - Restrains order at club meetings & watches over turf for any type of gang attack / invasion. 

Road Captain / Road Captain Assistant - Organizes routes for club members & ensures safety on the road.


Team Deathmatch 

Racing (Land, air or sea.) 



Co Op Missions 

Free Roam (Invite Only or Public.)  

FUN ACTIVITIES: Robberies, Car Chases, Joyriding, Arm Wrestling, Blowing Stuff Up, Gentleman's Clubs & Exploring San Andreas 

If you have read the following and is interested in being a Acolyte MC please reply to following topic below with a few minor questions. 



Social Club Username: 

How active are you on Xbox? 



Are you aware how a motorcycle gang operates, yes or no? 

Do you have a mic? 

Feel free to add me on Xbox Live or Rockstar social club, thank you all for your time and good luck to all players on GTA Online. For those who join, I hope this will be great experience for you. 



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Age: 26

Gamertag: B1LLD02ER

Social Club Username: billbag

How active are you on Xbox? nearly everyday

Country: n.ireland uk

Timezone: gmt

Are you aware how a motorcycle gang operates, yes or no? yes

Do you have a mic? yes

Age: 27

Gamertag: Tiberious86

Social Club Username: Blackheart86crow

How active are you on Xbox? often, depends on RL work

Country: United States, Iowa

Timezone: Central

Are you aware how a motorcycle gang operates, yes or no? Yes

Do you have a mic? Yes

Age: 15

Gamertag: BANDITO62

Social Club Username: Arthunik

How active are you on Xbox?

i play on xbox 5-6 days per week, gta v online is the game that i play the most on xbox 360.

Country: Sweden

Timezone: (GMT + 2:00)

Are you aware how a motorcycle gang operates, yes or no?


Do you have a mic?

yes but it's not very good.


Gamertag: NuclearDangerXD

Social Club Username: NuclearDanger

How active are you on Xbox? almost everyday

Country: Louisiana, United States

Timezone: Central

Are you aware how a motorcycle gang operates, yes or no? yes

Do you have a mic? yes

How do I join?


Gamertag: rotelle09

How active: mostly every day depends on real life work

Country; USA

Do I have a Mic: yes

Im very intrested in joining your mc



AGE: 16






Age: 14

GT: JohnnyDrumz

Activity: Friday's, Saturdays, Sunday's, or days off

I forgot my social club Username but I'll try to post it here ASAP

Country: USA, Massachusetts

Timeline: Eastern, I guess

I have a mic

I am very aware of how an MC works, the ranks, the rules, I've been in multiple other MCs but current one isn't living up to its standards. I would love to join and take part of a more manageable crew. I just need to get more bikes because my files were corrupted and I had to start over. Msg me soon on Xbox to let me know

Oh, and my Social Club name is the same as my GT


Gamer tag : pursell112

Social club name:pursell122

Weekends as my job doesn't permit me to play during the week

Country Australia

Time zone A.E.S.T

I know how a motorcycle gang works Yes

Yes I have a mic

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