GTA Online FAQ/Information thread

Hey GTA Fanatics!

I'm making this thread to make everything that's happening on GTA Online more clear for you folks.

So let's get started!

This FAQ includes:

  • Latest updates from the Rockstar Team.
  • Can't connect to the "Cloud Server" error and glitching tutorial quick fix.
  • Some quick tips.
  • Being a Good or Bad Sport.

Latest updates from the Rockstar Team
You can find the latest updates for GTA Online at This Article from the Rockstar Team.

Can't connect to the "Cloud Server" error and glitching tutorial quick fix
This is a quick fix to fix these annoying errors. This worked for some people but might not work for you.
  1. Go to your Storage Device and select Games and Apps in there.
  2. Select GTA V and delete the "Grand Theft Auto V Title Update"
  3. Start up the game and it will prompt you to update.
  4. Select Yes/Confirm and let it update.
This should fix the issue. If not, please keep checking the article above for more information on further updates.

Some quick tips
These are some quick tips for GTA Online:
  • Press and hold the "Back Button" to open a quick menu
  • Through the quick menu select Inventory > Cash to share your cash with other players
  • Through the quick menu use Quick GPS to select a location. This is way more efficient than selecting it through the Start Menu.
  • Steal a car from a citizen and sell it at Los Santos Customs. You'll easily get $6000 for the car. 
  • NOTE: you can only sell a car that is not of too much value.
  • Through your phone, select the Internet App > Money and Services > Maze Bank to deposit and withdraw money easier.
  • Visit a ATM often. If you don't, you can lose money when dying if you carry over $5000.

Being a Good or Bad Sport
I'll explain what Good or Bad Sport means and how the game rates you.
When you are a Good Sport you get a money reward for good behavior. This also means that you can join anyone you like.
When you are a Bad Sport it means that you are a Bad kind of player. You probably destroyed someones personal vehicle or got reported by a other player. The game will block you from joining some players and games and will eventually put you in games with only Bad Sport players.
The game rates Good Sport players by their behavior. If you are friendly to other players and aren't a "bully" you'll be rated as a Good Sport.
The game rates you Bad Sport by the following things:
  • Destroying someones personal vehicle
  • Being a "bully"
  • Being reported by other players.


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I have an XBOX Live account, and when ever I try to access GTA Online on my XBOX ONE, it says "Your account does not have permission to access Online". Do you know why this is happening?


You have Silver, you need Gold to play online.

I have a gold membership and it does it to me also. How do I fix it

Unless you both are using different profiles than the ones you are talking about, you both have Silver. Notice how your name is silver over there on the left?

@dacazymon, @NoBullish25, you are both Silver. Get Gold membership.

im silver right now too. legend, im going to be getting gold on the 7th, right now im playing far cry 4 on the ps3, good game by the way.

Do you need to download the GTA V online updates to play GTA Online?

Correct. The updates are required in order to play online.

Ok thank you.

Yes. You have to DL ALL the DLc just to play online. Even if you hate the crap that is contained in them, TBFY; still have to DL it. This is R*'s "newest" policy on DLC and their idea that "not doing so would 'seperate the fanbase'." I guess they forgot about the MAND DLC used in MP3 and RDR then...