GTA Online Character lost?

Hey guys, I have been playing GTA Online since launch and the game has been okay I guess till now (Patch 1.04). During the time playing GTA Online, I have experienced three highly modified cars being lost and appreciate that R* were giving a stimulus package. With Saturday 20th October, I came online and joined a room which everything was fine, due to not many people in the room I went to select for "find a new session" and appeared in someone else's garage with ridiculously modified high premium car. Finding that strange I then went to search another new session and things were back to normal with my regular cars in my garage and played the game as you would.

That day I came offline doing the procedures with what Rockstar said. (I have done this all the time) to prevent losing my data. Later on, I then returned online and selected "Join GTA Online" finding that it took me to the character selection screen. It displayed the rank on the character but with no 3D character displayed there and all special abilities were blank e.g.. Stealth, Driving. As soon as I saw this, I went back to the single player and tried again, with the same thing happening. I then went to check on the Social Club and all my rank/stats was still there. 

I have been speaking to xbox support on this situation, and they have directed me to Rockstar, The only problem is it seems Rockstar does not know what is going on and will not answer on their site. I then gave them a call and they told me "the servers are down" and could not give me any other information on this issue.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know if this will be recovered? 

Due to being a high rank and spending a lot of time on this game, with Rockstar only saying they are having problems with the cloud servers, but not mentioning about the recent character loss. It's quite worrying being left out with no information about it. With a game that stores your progress and stats, you should expect them to back up users data.


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I'm looking forward to the Xbox Ones cloud.

Has R* ever dealt with Cloud technology before GTA: O? I assume not.

I was using the regular memory units, not a usb flash drive.  But if you used a memory transfer kit, which was taken off the market fairly quickly, it was easy to manipulate saves.  I remember reading about people's fear of cloud gaming and couldn't figure out why.  I figured if you're going to roll out an industry changing feature, that it should actually work lol.

I tried to Edit my last post but it didn't allow me;

With the above said, consider it with J-Taggers.

Download save that has 999 Million dollars at rank 999, raise hell. Get Bad sport/banned. Create new J-Tag, rinse Repeat.

It would be chaos on an almost unstoppable level. Such as Red Dead Redemption, I believe people are still sniping players in Tall Trees from Mexico..

I'm fairly positive. Seeing as how the recent video of the PS3 hacker is adding his money and income ingame as opposed to simply just having it - Like you'd get with a gamesave. Anyone who's used a Gamegene or something similar in the past has a good understanding. It's similar to back on the Original Xbox - There were saves for the original SW:KOTOR which placed every item in the game into your starting locker, along with ones for Halo which featured 500+ Elites vs 200ish ODST's on the big Bridge Level.

Game Saves are more or less a way to hack, without hacking. Someone else already did it for you, and all you'd have to do is install it and run it.

If you think people spending time doing the LSC glitch is bad, just wait until people who have 0/1000 Gamerscore on GTA popup as level 999 with $999,999,999.

Ah! So it is an anti-modding/gamesave download security feature?

[quote user="AlmasRetroChild"]

I don't understand why they don't just allow you to store your own multiplayer data on the harddrive?  I've only found the cloud save feature useful for when I go to a friend's house to recover my gamertag and saves. And before there was such a thing as the cloud, I used those little memory units.



Those little "Memory Units" (If in USB form) are the exact reason they're doing Cloud saves. In Red Dead Redemption a lot of people just downloaded a character save from youtube, stuck it on a USB - Stuck said USB into Xbox, copied the data and voila, go from level 1 to level 10 Legendary in 5 minutes.

Gaw! I'd be glad to help you gain even a 1/4 of what you lost back, bro.

Don't worry, I am waiting it out so they can't blame me for this. I doubt they can't give a certain profile 600,000 rp and 2 million. I know I am not the only one, it's just silly how they are keeping quiet about it.

Ugh. This is frustrating to listen to. I am a level 57 currently and have been grinding from 53 for a few weeks now. I know the feeling of losing your precious rank and worse, money because I had attained 51 at one point, saved it correctly, only to come back online to a 49 rank. ARGH!


Ugh. I don't want to suggest attempting to play online even though you don't see your character because I'm afraid I might make you have to start over because the temp or whatever file will overwrite your current one. FRUSTRATING.

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