GTA IV Save Problem

I had a regular copy of GTA IV and downloaded TLAD when it first came out.  Bought The Complete Edition for $20 a while back, so I went ahead and deleted my TLAD content.  Now each time I try to load my GTA IV save, it says something about not having the DLC.  Is there any way to fix this, or am I going to have to keep the TLAD DLC on my hard drive to play my GTA IV save?


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Hmm, do you remember if you saved in TLaD? What I mean by this is, is the game set so that you jump into TLaD instead of TBoGT or GTA IV? If so, that may be the problem. The game is searching for TLaD but you deleted the original content, so maybe there is a bit of confusion between the system. Try re-downloading TLaD, saving on GTA IV, delete the TLaD DLC again, and then try it. If that doesn't work, looks like someone will have to help you or you'll just have to re-download and keep the TLaD DLC then.

Turns out GTA IV save is alright.  Game only brought up something about DLC because I didn't have an autosave for it to load.  Would be nice if I could have it autoload my hard save.

Sounds like you just need to make an autosave now ;)