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The Los Santos County Police was originally a clan founded by members of GTA IV police role-playing clans in anticipation for activity in GTA V (hence the "Los Santos" in our name). When the release date was postponed until September 2013 (it was originally March), we decided to continue playing on GTA IV, and immediately got swamped with applications. Also, as of now, we only operate on GTA IV TBOGT.

With leaders who are real-life police officers, our sole mission is to simulate real police work in GTA IV. All potential officers must fill out an application, pass an interview, background investigation, training session, and recruit phase before being a Police Officer in LSCP. We have police divisions including SWAT, Air Support, Detective Bureau, and Highway Patrol. We also have a Fire/Rescue squad and certifications to be a civilian/criminal and an emergency services dispatcher, all requiring additional training. We also have an online system where officers actually write and issue citations to civilians during patrols, which means internet access while patrolling is a requirement.

If you're interested in joining a police role-playing clan that strives, and achieves, a high level of realism and professionalism, then LSCP is the place for you. If you want to just play Hollywood's version of a police officer and run around chasing bad guys, blowing stuff up and getting in gun fights, then LSCP is not the place for you.

We highly encourage anyone with real-life emergency services and/or military experience to apply, although that is not a requirement of all applicants. We are looking for quality, not quantity, in recruiting new officers.

To learn more, please go to and register. After being registered, you can find the Clan Application at the top of the page, or you can contact me directly on the forums via PM and I'll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. When applying, make sure you read the directions carefully when filling out the application.


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Los Santos County Police


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not interested

i would like to join your clan

i would like to join

I would like to join your clan, some problem i be brazilian?

cool but watch out for the brotherhood tx because you will not get in our way, we will shoot first

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