GTA IV Free Mode, military vs insurgent, kill VIP game

So I'm bored and I wanna try this cuz I never got around to it basically I want a full game of people, half in party chat other half in game chat. Military team gets M4's, grenades, body armor and two heli's. The insurgent team gets Ak's, grenades, and two people with RPGs, and leader get body armor. Insurgents pick a place to hide out. The military team has to go with two heli's carrying a total of six guys to attack and kill leader of insurgent team. So if you want to play send me a message via online. Yes I'm really bored that I'm doing this lol. Need a full game to do this, and preferably mics as it'll be hard without them.


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and one person on each team can have bolt action sniper rifle and only one pick up of grenades per player

Lol,  no replys yet..... iif u get a full room today ill b around so message me.....jus to post for other people I played wit the dude a few others last night so he's legit and not a clan-er or lil kid.....

I'd play it but i don't use mics. Add me if you want.

I jus signed in so imma play but it will be hard without mics cause ud b unorganized and jus following instructions which is no fun.....add me if u still wanna do it

Nvm, I jus found out if u have the disk add ons u can't play with people that has the dlc version.....wankers

doing it right now, message me if you want in. It's in original game not dlc