GTA Crew looking for more members

A couple friends and I started a crew, just looking for some more people to join us so we can have people to work on the more difficult co-op missions with. Any rank welcome, must have a mic and use it and be a mature player.


If you are interested in joining request a join at and send me a message on XBL. Then we can get you in and see how it goes.


Ideally we'd like to get a group around 20 so that when the big heists start getting released we will be able to set up a group for them easily.


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Still looking for more members, we are up to 9 now. If you could also reply on here it would be appreciated so we know what forum you found us on.

I'm keen, I'm sending you a request now

When you send a request through the social club please also say what your social club username is here. We're getting enough requests now that I am having trouble sorting out who is who.

My social club name is shanon8

can i join???

Send a request, and I'll send you an invite. We are basically taking anyone who meets the above requirements and then if need be we will weed out those who aren't a good fit.

Also when you join be sure to make an effort to invite and join crew members games. You can view who else is in the crew through pause>online>crews>Damned...>View Members.

I am noticing a lot of the people joining from here aren't making contact after joining.

Still seeking more members. We are at around 15 now and always have a good 5-6 people on during weekday evenings and during the weekends.