I've been noticing a lot of articles and rants being thrown around the internet from anger gamers who are Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto fans alike, and I wanted to get an opinion.

As you probably have already heard, Grand Theft Auto has been announced, and the sandbox free roam portion of the gaming world is up ablaze with excitement or anger. Whichever you may be, I wanted to know would you pick up both? One or the other?

I don't mean to rant at all I just wanna get a good conversation with the Saints community about the game play mechanics of both games and what you feel about their power as sandbox titles and economic power houses in the gaming world.

From me, I'm a Grand Theft Auto kinda guy. I dig the realism and overall style of the series, San Andreas was a defining component in my gaming experience. I honestly tried to get into Saints Row Junior and I wasn't having fun at all. The physics engine ran me completely to selling it back to gamestop. I really appreciated the game's style with gangs and teh customization was very very interesting but after I beat the game I found my self just resenting it. \

Now Saints Row 3 is around the corner, needless to say I'm hazy about getting it since I hated 2 so much, but a new engine? The improvements look impressive, but the over the top gameplay kinda puts me off of it. I just don't really like the overall ridiculousness their direction now.

What do you think?


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Thing is, after GTA San Andreas and Vice City, GTAIV didn't stand up to the same level as it's predecessors imo. GTAIV took itself far too seriously and the main game was tedious in some parts and downright boring in others. It did get some redemption in the form of the two expansions: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of *** Tony. When expansions are more fun/enjoyable to play in comparison to the main game, the overall game suffers.

Saints Row 2, while it may be over the top, it at least allows the player to have fun, something lacking from GTAIV.

I will definitely agree with that. I devoted hundreds of roaming hours to San Andreas, and when the limits of the fourth installment sunk in, I NEVER roamed around the city. I went straight to free mode, and that's where I've always been-unless I wanna get some achievements in the main game. And honestly I don't like achievement hunting in Grand Theft Auto 4.

4 most certainly robbed us of the traditional roaming that series dished out.

I never played Saints Row 1 or 2 (just the demo for 1) because I was satisfied with GTA IV.  But... Saints Row 3 looks pretty amazing.  I'm looking for a game that once it's beaten, I can have a lot of fun int he free roam setting (like Red Dead Redemption) - and this game looks like it has everything beat.  I mean, hell, you can fly a jet and call in air strikes.  It doesn't get any better than that.

This threads always end on flame wars.  Both series are great and every game is a copy of another game so i don't get why gamers found better talk trash about a game just to defend what they think is the best of the best  instead of have fun with them.

Bad Instincts: The title and my first paragraph are ensured to prevent that. I was looking for a conversation, not a flame war. Like I said, I'm thinking of getting SR3 but I'm up in the air about its style

"after GTA San Andreas and Vice City, GTAIV didn't stand up to the same level"



That is exactly how I felt about the GTA series. When IV came out [to me] it just felt like so much was missing compared to SA and VC.  Saints Row just fills that gap imo. Saints Row 2 and GTA SA to me have a lot in common and I think is the main reason why I like Saints Row so much (SA being my favorite GTA).

I personally proffer the Saints Row Series to the GTA but iv'e only played vice city and IV and iv'e played all saints row games besides the third one YET but i'm not going to say much because it usually end up in war.    

I've always felt the SR series (especially SR2) was a spiritual successor to San Andreas, but with Saints Three, the series has totally diverged from what GTA aims to make.

I enjoy both series for their own strengths (although I admit I don't care much for GTAIV, GTASA is easily in my top 10 list of games).  I don't believe GTAV will affect SR3 sales, considering they're so far apart in terms of release.  

Two different games IMO.  I loved me some GTA but after GTA SA it just got boring for me.  SR2 had what I was looking for.  I will check out GTA V to see whats up.  They are 2 different games at this point in time.

I dont understand why people need to latch onto one or the other.  I like both series.  I've always been a fan of the GTA series, but I actually feel it peaked with Vice City, and has been slowly going downhill since.  I still liked San Andreas and IV....but just not as much as Vice City.  IV seemed to add too much realism, especially with friends calling and wanting to hang out.  But I still like it and will get GTA 5 at launch.

I also like Saints Row, its the yin to GTA's yang as far as realism.  

Bottom line is the game concept is so similar I dont understand how someone could like one and not like the other at all aside from fanboyism.  Obviously you can have a preference, but for me I like both.  Doing it this way means I wont miss out on a great game because of its title.

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