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I am just looking for some GTA 5 online players that wants to do missions, and who are on around the same time I am. I usually  play from around 6:15pm to about 8:15pm EST Monday through Thursday, then a bunch on Friday and the weekends as long as I'm not out. Looking for more mature players, and are good sports. I am not into killing other players on free roam, because I know it sucks when it happens to me.

My Gamer Tag is XxMavr1kxX

This will also carry over when the Xbox one comes out. BF4 will be my main launch title.


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I'm the leader of BURN Crew. We have 18 members currently. We rob stores/armored trucks, steal cars & share loot, & do missions cooperatively. Mature, laidback people here, we play for fun.

I'm on every day, Monday - Friday from 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST - 12pm PST / 3am EST (Weekend hours vary however I do put in more time during the daylight hours if i'm not busy.

Many of the other crew members are scattered across the US, with a strong base on the East Coast. In fact several crew members are on right now playing.

Have a great day!

Hi there, Legion Of Honor are recruiting members we have 70+ crew members and over 200+ in a multi game clan.

We only recruit mature gamers