GTA 5 on demand won't download install packs

I bought GTA 5 on demand yesterday and it finished downloading this morning, I started it up and it started to download the install packs, it immediately said "cannot download GTA 5 Install Pack 4, the others downloaded. So the download was incomplete.

I started the game again multiple times to try to install the 4th pack, didn't work either.

I then took the advice to remove the downloaded packs from my storage device, clear the cache on my storage device and boot the game again... Now on the download screen, I look at my active downloads and only the 4th Install Pack is downloading(I've yet to see if it will complete the download). Though it's not downloading the other three...

I paid $60 for this game and would like to play it at some point this week, so any direct advice as to what to do would be greatly appreciated. I'm also wondering if I can't find a solution to this problem and the game turns out not to work, could I get a refund?


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Update: the install pack 4 was successfully downloaded. Now when I boot the game it says that one or more files are corrupted, missing files will be downloaded(assuming that's because pack 1,2, and 3 are missing... I don't see them being downloaded in the active downloads though. I'll try to reboot the system again and see if it works.

just try it again later.

Check your Storage Device you are using and see if the updates are on said device (can include HDD). If they are not, then something is screwy. Otherwise, you should be able to play; you may have to DL all the little updates for GTA: O though like the Beach Bum Pack, Capture Pack, and Dangerous Business Pack DLCs. They are accessible via the in-game store or perhaps off of XBL Marketplace.

I've been getting the same problem here, and have found a bit of a solution:

So it seems to be random which / how many of the packs are added to active downloads (checking multiple times - one instance would have 2 and 3 come up, another just 2, and another just 1, etc) so you just need to keep restarting it whenever the ones it gives are finished.

If a "disc unreadable error" comes up (despite no disc being involved in this process; it seems to happen when 2-4 are installed, but not 1) then you probably need to go into your Storage and delete the files titled "gtav - part1" and so on. Once you've had all 4 installed, if they're not all there at the same time, then you can access them in Account > Download History and you should now be good to go.