GTA 5 On Demand Help Please

Okay, so i installed gta 5 the other night, a bit less than 8 gigs as it said. When i was done I fired it up, all ready to play, then, apparently,  i needed to install Addon Packs which had 2 gigs each. One problem. I only have about 4 gigs left on my harddrive, and can only fit 2 of those packs onto there. Would it be possible to put the other 2 onto a different storage unit and still have the game run? or do i need to get one big ol' 16-32GB USB to put it all on? Please help guysh.


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You can buy 320GB hard drive from ebay.

16GB USB drive will do the job just fine .

16GB USB is not fine if he want to download more games packs then he would need 320GB just saying.

320GB is the way to go if you are a gamer, but if your just trying to play only one game and save money, get the 16GB