GTA 4 Episodes of liberty city

I have the GTA 4 episodes disk and was wondering if i can still play MP freeroam or normal matches with friends who do not have DLC?


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If they don't have the dlc then they msut have a disk copy then yes u can play.....if ur talking about them owning gta iv and u have the episodes then no. There different games.....

okey then i thought it would be like RDR where i have undead nightmare disk and can play with people who dont have DLC :(

Dlc dosent mean the add on, its actually the downloaded version. So I'm a little thrown off......disk and downloads to my knowledge can play each other. As long as u have/own a copy/Version on ur system.

kk ill try to explain it a bit more i have episode of liberty city CD my friend has normal GTA4 CD :P i only got *** tony and the damned thingie

Can't do it, u have to have a copy of gta iv.

You have to have the same game to play against each other, it's like saying 'I have COD4 and my friend has Black-Ops, can we play MP against each other?' The answer of course is no, they are 2 different games, just like GTA IV and GTA IV EFLC.

this is tru for any gamel but the fact that its a disk versus dlc dosent matter. as long as its the same there is a set called gta completed i think a that has gat iv and both add ons.

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