Looking for members to Join we are called LCDOT Liberty City Dept of Transportation. I Take Things serious And Have A set List of rule. We Take a oath and Use my Set Radio Codes of you want to join let me Know via forum or message. I am a Real police Officer so i dont Play alot but when i do I take i serious all new recruits Are put On a two week Of play time probation To insure seriousness. I am Cheif West unit #37


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I'll join, im already in one and i hope its just like the one im in :) I basically know the codes and the procedures, if you want i can go through training...i can also be a supervisor :)

Also, i record, TwoSwordsAndAShield, and i was thinking about being a Taxi driver for people that either lost their cars, killed and re-spawned to spawn, or got jailed/revoked.

my name is mannerline468 and I will like to join the lcpd

I would like to join lcpd

What gta is the lcpd and I would like to join

hi my nam is captainsparky12 and i would like to goin the lcpd