Its frustrating how long i spend trying to do this questline. And when i finally get the end of it, after hours of pointless "fishing" jobs Bethesda give me the middle finger. Cheers Bethesda, i can only assume it will be fixed in an update, hopefully with the messed up bookshelvs too. :/


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Regarding what now?

I'm assuming by fishing jobs your referring to the thieves guild quest lines (Please DON'T post spoilers) but what seems to be the issue? If you can't explain without spoilers, PM me as I have done all the thieves guild.

If you're referring to the Thieves Guild quest line, then unfortunately i'm also having problems with it. Really hope it can be fixed.

What seems to be the problem?

I finished return the thieves guild to its former glory yesterday. What is your problem? I had to do about 30 side quests before you can activate the last 4 special missions to get that achievement. You need to do 4 or 5 jobs in white run , solitude, markrath, and windhelm before those special missions pop up and you get them from delvin but you can do two jobs at a time to spead things up. One from vex and one from delvin. It probly took me 15 hours from start to finish just to get all the thieves guild achievements. Wish I could have kept the Skelton key.

^^ I have been wondering myself how many people are not doing the extra missions from Vex and Delvin.


I think the problem is so far with every other Guild I have done you get the final guild achievement with the climax of the story... I don't think people expect to have to keep doing side missions for the Thieves before you are actually done and get the achievement.

I think they are a way to stretch out the game, but they are really boring and repetitious.