So...apparently...everything in the Mojave will ignore each other and make a bee-line directly for me.

The four bark-scorpions ignored the Viper Gunslinger and four Legion Recruits between me and them, and the Viper Gunslinger and the Legion Recruits completely ignored the bark scorpions. And the Viper Gunslinger and the Legion Recruits ignored each other.

BAH. BAH, I say.


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Do  you think it has to do with the level your character is at? Are you on bad terms with the Legion?

Nope. This is right after meeting Vulpes at Nipton. Not on bad terms with them yet. To be fair, the Legion didn't attack me. But they also ignored the bark scorpions, and the bark scorpions completely ran over them trying to get to me.

Maybe they just love you that much.

This happened in Fallout 3 too.

The NPC's are programed to run a set path and to fight  other NPC's or like in Your case ignore other NPC's.

In Fallout 3 You could see the slavers walk right past raiders on their way to Paradise falls and do nothing.

Yet if say Talon company  is near by and they see You, they will start hostile actions with the slavers.

What You experienced takes place in other Bethesda games too like  Oblivion and Sky rim.

I don't really recall anyone ignoring Radscorpions, however, or Radscorpions ignoring potential targets. It makes sense that human characters may ignore each other. But the Radscorpions, who pretty much attack everything, generally do and usually everything sees them as a threat because of it.

Again it makes no sense, but go back to Fallout 3 and You will see how each NPC has a certain sub routine that they run.  Humanoid NPC's will pace, point, sit and eat.

They interact with each other via oral communication, but it's all pre conceived dialog.

Non humanoid such as Death claws groom themselves.

Mole rats graze and Rad scorpions lay in the sun lowering and raising their tails.

Yet inject Your character in the mix and they react.