Ground Control chievo, and noticed something on solo

So i noticed yesterday playing solo moon, that each game i played had the zombies dropping the same power ups at the same time each game with the mystery box in the same place giving virtually the same guns each game.

I had the perfect set up to get the ground control chievo. Ending round 1 with over 4000 pts, getting max ammo, 2x drops in round 2, and getting the RP and MP (the two big machine guns) out of the box first. I had bio dome excavator and tunnel 6 excavator hacked by round 11 with 3 pack a punched guns, jugs, speed, quick revive, and double tap going in to round 12.

So round 12 starts and the womens voice says tunnel 11 excavator. That's when I totally *** up. Went down by the teleporter losing my perks, but was able to get it down to like 4 crawlers and a couple walkers with quick revive gun. Got up, went for the hacker, didn't *** see it on the top level. Went down next two levels, could find it. Ran back up to top to check again and ran into a zombie on the stairwell, and with no perks went down.

So i still need the EE's on moon, but if anybody wants to try for the "ground control" chievo hit me up. I am bound and determined to get it now after that **** game. I may never see that  perfect set up for that or any other chievo on this game again. I'm also down for the EE chievos to if anyone can help me get those.

If u wondering why i didn't continue trying with that set up, i had to go to bed sometime to get up early for work.






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So this ground control achievement is it the one were you have to stop all the excavators?

@andykod77 yea it is but im not sure if you have to stop them before they breach or just stop all of them even if they breach O_o'

*edit*  oh yea and i could help you get the achivment i need it to not sure what time we should meet up thought send me a FR whenever your online and message me a time

Id imagine you have to stop them before they breach


I'm still looking to get this as well as two other chevos. If anyone is interested in helping, then message or friend request me.

Hit me up tonight. Me and the wifey will splitscreen and try it. I need Shangri La and Moons cheevos, but Id like to do the moon one to go for high rounds. Ive been to 25 without it, but those 8 perks would be great.

They must be stopped before they breach. Also all 3 excavators must activate. Hacking the same 3 won't unlock the achievement. Trying it solo is easier but if you haven't unlocked this achievement by round 25 solo it may be difficult.

not sure what time zones all of you guys are in it is 4:35PM here i am in the US Central time zone so if any of you guys feel like playing in 1 hour and 30 min after this comment is posted invite me or FR meh

So how did you get it? Yesterday i played till round 20 before dying and only having the same two activate. Just now i got to round 31 in solo before going down and only ever got the same two 11 times!!!

Is there a nack to getting the third one to activate?

I need all ee's, ground control...ect. Message me on xbl if anyone wants to make a plan to play.