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That is garbage, Future soldier beats that any day...............

You see that was one of the best thing about the OGR's it didn't appeal to people like yourself.

I agree 100% I think this is one of the things that the old Ghost Recon games was already using in many ways. The campaign in Future Soldier is extremely linear and static. The core gameplay is awesome but the play space is lacking what previous titles mastered.

Ghost Recon is not garbage by the way.

I love it and hope something comes of it.  Spooking wild life to give away your position.............uhhh Yes Please!  I never thought of that before, very cool.  The issue with the gaming industry today is it wants to cater to all gamers, which is fine but when you keep producing 'run of the mill' games it tends to get old very quick.  But the reality of the matter is one game that I like might be disliked by another vice versa so hopefully this is offered to those who are interested.

Sorry I did not mean to come off as a jerk.......

I agree with the maps and environment of that new game, but how ever I do not like FPS so I would not be interested in this.

Making maps and environments like that would be great but lets face it, ghost recon has the tactics of the game right.

GRFS can use bigger maps like the DLC has but other than that I don't really play shooters  because they bore me.

But Ghost Recon Future Soldier  has me hooked like crack... =)