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This is just a complaint in general & maybe some dev. will read it & think...oh, that's an ok idea.

Anyway, I'm playing LA Noire without any music clues, hints, etc., etc. & you'd think that by having all the hints turned off the game wouldn't hold your hand STILL TELLS YOU when you pick up an object whether or not there is something to be gained from the object by rotating or examining it. Why is that? (rhetorical question). It'll also tell you, via an icon, when you should use a phone (not just to check message but to gain info) & I just think this "hand holding" takes away from the game in that even after HOURS of playing you still get a prompt to "rotate or inspect an object." I mean, I GET IT, I've been playing the game for a while now. Do the dev's think the players are that ADD or forgetful or dumb?

Something similar happened in both Alan Wake & FEAR 2. In each game, even after HOURS of playing, you'd still see prompts. In FEAR 2 it was the X Button appearing on the screen to let you know you could knock an object over & use it for cover & in Alan Wake it was the B button appearing on screen to tell you how to climb a ladder. I mean, I think most people figured out how to do those things after 2-3hours of playing the game.

The only game Ive seen address this was GoW2. You could turn off the tutorial prompts in the option menu & I think this is a feature that really needs to be in games. Sorry, just b!tchin as it takes away from the experience in my opinion.


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It's part of the "leading hand" or "breadcrumb trail" that showed up this Gen and a little in the last. It's a Devs way of making a Game more "friendly" towards the "casual" Player (I hate that term but it is correct in this sense).

A little while ago Players were left with nothing more then the Tools they had at their disposal and very little else. Given enough "feedback" from Communities Developers started adding more and more to "help" the Player along. It's a double edge sword. Without people complain a Game is too difficult. With it, well we see what happens.