Griggs of Vinheim HELP

Hi i just found this guy and while i was trying to break the barrel with the loot i hit him and now he's attacking me, i tried to quit the game but it brings me back to the same spot where hes attacking me, is there no way to change him back to a friendly NPC, i want to buy spells off him.


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You can speak to the npc on top of the belltower after the gargoyles, he can reset him to a friendly. it will cost souls though.

Is that the request absolution option ? and after that do i have to go back and talk to Griggs of Vinheim or will he be at firlink shrine ?

I just looked at it again and it requires 132,000 souls is that worth the effort and time ?

that is your descision.

Well, you were supposed to roll into the barrels to break them. But since you cant buy spells from him without paying all that cash, your only option is to make your way to sens fortress and then let the mages with the big hat out his cage, you can buy some of the spells that griggs had plus MUCH better ones. Like soul spear and homing soulmass(TOTALLY BUY THIS)

Cool thanks i will do that instead i rather spend all those souls to lvl myself, my stamina is rubbish. When i go back and kill him do i get anything good of him ?

And depending on you Sin level, you are now  "Marked" for certain players who are in the Darkmoon covenant to invade you when your human... Kinda like your a bounty to them.. I had to pay 106,000 souls to be absolved and payed it, kept getting invaded during boss fights... Got kinda annoying so i payed,

Well since u put it that way i better get started farming i struggle as it is don't need extra hassle.