Griffin character

so i've heard you can unlock him in-game without using a facedesk account to get a code, does anyone know how to do it?

i really don't want to make a facedesk account to get a code, as i do not approve of FB or Twitter...


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What are the requirments to unlock him in game? Good thing I got the Facebook one.

Looks like 2 ways for the time being, FB & In-game.  From the Epic forums it doesn't sound like it will be an easy task.

Is that the only way you can unlock him? I doubt it.

Well, the 'how to' may be revealed/leaked before release, but if not I'm sure there will be something in-game telling how to unlock Griffin.  It actually sounds worth it to just create a dummy account or ask someone  who has an account to get a code; if for no other reason than to be able to use him day one.

so it's "hard to do", but how do i do it?

On the Epic forums one moderator said that to do so is pretty difficult; so much so that if not for the FB promo he wouldn't unlock him.  But, perhaps it may be easier for others.