Grifball vs Dominion

I love the chaos in Grifball, it gives you a good game without raging but I love Dominion because its fun to capture and fortify objectives


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Why are we comparing Griffball to Dominion...?


I don't really like either, however. Griffball I always saw as pointless and Dominion on Exile is remarkably poor, though Vortex Dominion is rather good.

I hate Grifball because it's an exercise in connectivity problems, and I hate Dominion because the teams are too small to be spread out across 3 bases.

I love Grifball!

Dominion is ok but I like Extraction and BTB more :)

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I love Grifball!


"Okay, I'm gonna run at this guy and swing my Hammer in 3, 2, 1-... (DIES). Like hell he did."

Ad infinitum.

I miss Halo 3 G-Ball. 

Grifball gets rather boring after a very short time.  The only positive that came out of it was how easy it was to complete your hammer weapon challenge.  Dominion on the other hand is quite good, I don't mind it.

I like Dominion on Longbow.  Grifball can take a coooool whip seat on the side of a very warm bench.

Haven't had a chance to play new grifball. Geez, I haven't played this in a while.