Griefers... Good grief!

I was so happy to have the new Minecraft update that made it so you could set it to invite only & not allow friends of friends. It goes a long way to stop griefing in Minecraft. However, since then I've still been griefed twice. Both times, by players I never invited into my world...


The 1st time occurred by a "friend of a friend" who poured lava onto the top of my ski lodge...

The 2nd time occurred by a friend who's account was being used by a friend of his. Most of my town from the pirate ship to the grocery store, supply store, tool shed, home, snow tower, lighthouse, & various friends' homes were all burned to the ground. My brother was online at the time & accidentally saved before he knew what was going on... We're in the process of rebuilding now, which is a very arduous task.


The point I'm getting at is how did they get into the game despite the settings & why do people do this? What's the point? Where's the satisfaction? Are they jealous of the great things I build? It just doesn't seem to make sense to me & bothers me greatly that someone will go out of their way to destroy all the hard work that people like myself put into this game.


Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Criticisms? Ideas?


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Trolls are gonna' Troll. If they can cause you frustration, they will. It's what they do. Just for the satisfaction of having done something cruel. I have experienced this to an extreme degree on a different game.

I won't allow ANYONE into my game unless I actually know them personally.

If you allow anyone into your game, you are taking a chance that it may not end well.

Speaking from experience. :)

good point rusty.


My xbox friends list is only people I know personally.


That cuts out a lot of the problem right there.


Hey everyone. Yeah I'm careful of who I have on my friends list. I'm real nice too. A friend of a friend who is not on my friends list joined the game on the weekend and griefed my world. Good thing my friend came to rescue my buildings which had been set on fire with lava. There wasn't too much damage. I'm keeping a closer eye on who is on my map. Only have one active map which I've put a lot of effort into with help from several friends. If you grief in my world or are nasty, you'll get kicked out and an unhappy rep rating and muted. I might even attack you wearing iron armour and an iron sword or something with my dogs too. If you want to grief, do so on a blank map not on a world someone has put their heart into.

In the last game update, theres an option to either allow friends of friends or not. Or you can use the invite only but this option could label you anti-social. I know some of my friends set their games to this and I would have to message them to see if I could join if I wanted to. I don't use the kicking out feature a lot while on my world. Only use it when someone's bad mean or joins when I don't want them to. I know some people abuse this feature of kicking people out especially in some xbox live parties. Yeah maybe they're jealous or aren't really civilized. You don't have to be an adult to be mature.

I personally have a world just for me, which I don't let anyone join, not even close friends. My other world on the other hand is for friends/friends of friends to join and build freely. If they grief then it's no biggie.

I would also suggest if your inviting people to your game your not sure about, save the game before you invite them and turn auto save off. Allowing you to return to a un-damaged world if required.


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