GRID 2 to be shown at E3 2012

Earlier in the year I found out that GRID 2 was to be shown at E3 this year along with PGR5 from the attached video.

I have just realized that the E3 event is in a couple of weeks time and hopefully we find out the official release date.

I personally believe the current Forza series is rubbish. GRID 1 was awesome and I feel its still the best racing game to have come out for the 360 which was 4 years ago. I can't wait for this to come out!  


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isn't there a GRID demo out? its pretty bad. basically its burnout take down with not enough cars.

Just checked and I couldn't find a demo for it!

Better not be like burnout as those games are rubbish

another EA rehash! great :|

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another EA rehash! great :|


The last GRID came out in 2008... hardly a re-hash is it? I mean you've not seen ANY footage of it and you are already calling it a "re-hash"

Most stuff by EA are rehash's, just like Activision do to CoD

I cannot wait for Grid 2! Grid was one of the best racing games i've ever played!

First of all the origional grid was a step back from its predisessor toca touring car series where the final version on xbox had a full career with story and all. What it did better than any other game was the much more reall sensation of speed. The only think they got right in grid. rest of game was poor. but take a step back and prob go back to games pre hd gen and you will all start to realise just how much games have dumbed down in all but prob the rpg genre.

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another EA rehash! great :|

[/quote]Wait, what does Codemasters have to do with EA?

Grid is a fun game too bad it's a ghost town online.

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