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When choosing to put skill points towards power/weapon damage, which affects grenades?


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Your grenades will only inflict more damage when you choose the power / weight carrying capacity spec.  Grenades don't behave like Biotic / Tech Powers because they do not possess any cooldown time.  I recommend using a Power Amplifier Module, the Tech Kit Gear Bonus and the Power Amplifier mod for Pistols / SMGs for maximum damage output  :)  Furthermore, I personally find that loading up a grenade capable character with the heaviest and hardest hitting weapons arsenal works the best because as far as this character is concerned, the Power Recharge Speed doesn't exist  :)

If you've considered not using a Pistol or SMG because you feel that the bonus damage from your power / increased weight carrying + Tech Kit + Power Amplifier Module is plenty enough buffs, then go for the heavier / harder hitting weapons.  If you feel the need to use the Pistol or SMG because you want the extra damage from Power Amplifier mod; may I suggest that you use the most damaging (despite its low ammo supply) Pistol or SMG while your at it for maximum effectiveness  :)  Better yet, if you have a favorite Pistol or SMG; use that instead as the suggestion that I said before this one was aimed at those people who don't care about what Pistol or SMG they use.  Have a good day or afternoon or night everyone!  :)