Grenade Launcher or incendiary?


Im stuck at an impasse.  I can't decide which of these very helpful tools I would like more.  The incendiary to block path ways and objectives seems like a great specialty item, but the under barrel grenade launcher seems more versatile.  Any dissatisified customers of either item out there?


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Launcher is the best option blow the enemy off the objectives from distance

MOOB is this game worth getting??

IMO its GOTY, if your bored to death of the same of old crap that is known as COD then this is the way forward, the game mechanics play alot like GOW cover system.

You do get quit alot of bullet lag online but that's easily fixed by changing server :)

Awesome game.

Had the same problem, i picked the grenade launcher and never looked back though, i can live without the incendiary. Incendiary is good to prevent enemy accessing corridors or getting through tight spaces. I think you also get two incendiary (not sure) which is better than the one frag. I can't really say much about it because i didn't pick it though.

I like the launcher because you can switch to it quicker than changing guns, switching to the launcher to make someone fall out of cover then switching back to shoot them as they stand up is very powerful especially if you get a few people with it,    leaves the enemy completely defenseless. It also helps defending objectives a lot easier in open maps. You get two grenades with the launcher which become unlimited when mixed with the ammo box.

If you do pick the grenade launcher be sure to pick the ammo box but keep in mind its only attachable on some guns and might get nerfed in the future.