Green Lantern: The Wheel of Reincarnation

The mystery of the lantern dates back to ancient times. In the cycle of reincarnation, It was used to describe both the progression of the spirit and heavenly occurrences.
The lantern festival symbolized the progression of the spirit for hundreds of years, in order to bring guidance and peace to the spirits who had passed in the past year. But the lantern also symbolized more than a light in the darkness of the world. The progress of the flow of energy in wheel, was described as a thousand year cycle. This describes the different forms of energy that made up the wheel.
Each lantern describes a focus of energy. That energy focus was not just a single armor suit, but they mystery of the creation of that lantern as well. Many armor forms where created to contain the shadows of the past, by the use of the wheel of reincarnation. In myth it was suggested that the armor design was created within a cycle its self, and was described as a lantern its self, in order to conceal its existence. But it was also created with an intended weakness, known only to the person who created it.
In order to create such a lantern, required a great amount of energy, a connection to the heavens. The ring pattern of the armor is secret, but It is clear that the single false ring was not known to any but the armorer. That ring was secretly upon the finger to the one meant to wield the energy contained within the armor, and yet its energy was also a mystery. It may be that with the creation of each armor suit, only the wearer knew that it was meant for them alone.
The connection to ancient armor forms is clear, but the concept of the lantern as an energy source to guide the spirit and protect, is significant. Even though the armor suits that where created all held a purpose, the connection to the missing ring takes on new meaning. The different focuses of that energy, or chi, where often considered indistinguishable from those who wielded it. Though a clear connection to martial arts exists through the consideration of the flow of universal energy or chi in the natural world, It often had significance as a connection in spirit in nature.
The lantern was a mystery, and at the same time its significance reaches through many cultures and history. A description of both the progression of the spirit, and a way to describe the heavenly bodies in ancient times. The study of the different energy forms was the focus of different schools of thought in martial skill, this was often described as the flow of the river in relation to time. This idea of a spiritual connection crosses many cultures, so a greater question is how is the lantern formed to begin with? I think the answer is not only the creation of spirit armor, but the connection to the wheel of reincarnation its self.


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