green flashes on some multiplayer matches?

 i have noticed quick  flashes of green  on my screen in several multiplaer games and maps, there so quick that if you blink you will miss it but they are there every now and then atleast for me. and its not my x box cause i have been playing a healthy dose of BF3 multiplayer and forza 4 and bf 3 is the only game where glitches are present. is anyone else seeing this ? and if it is indeed a problem many have noticed does dice know


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It happens to me a lot still and Dice knows about it from the Beta.

i get them sometimes specially on the bigger vehicle maps but meh..other than being mildly distracting they seem harmless enough

I had it on the PC Beta, but on 360 it was fine up until the latest server update.

Happens on both PC and console, heh still "unfinished" game.