Greatsword confusion

I remember being confused early on and I still am. Which was it, exactly, that you needed to make the cursed Greatsword of Artorias? Was it the hilt/broken straight sword? Or was it the full sword? The wiki has my head turned around having it labeled as both and say both, basically. I think the guide mentions using the hilt/broken sword. Anybody got an answer they can give me? Been wanting to make it lately but I don't want to risk losing Sif's soul for the other version.


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Nah, make the cursed, the split damage on the regular makes it do less than the cursed.

I would advise making the true version (hilt/broken) ovre the cursed version(pretty much any other non-curved/katana sword). Even with a cursed weapon (assuming you are trying to do new londo "easier") a ghost can still bypass any blocking you do if all you have is a cursed weapon and you yourself aren't cursed. Which there are plent of transients to start with.

Not to mention the true version will a) scale better b) does more dmg base (I think iirc) and c) lets you wreck catacombs and TotG. If you are just making it for the achieve then pay this and the advise part no mind.

also see:

Alright, thanks all. Been a bit since I last played and couldn't remember.

The Hilt/Broken sword makes the good one and will have this as the Parambonus C-C-B-B with 24-18-20-20 to be able to use it.

A Greatsword will make the cursed one and will have this the Parambonus C-C-C-C with 24--18-18-18 to be able to use it.

One is a great sword and the other is the hilt/broken straight sword. I can't remember which is which.


Although I'm not too sure about  which one, I think the cursed one would have some sort of different scaling ( int / faith maybe ) and different bonuses. Hope that helps a bit...