Greatest Villain of all-time

I am just putting this out there, and I know being on a Batman forum this will be skewed in my favor.  I have been trying all day to think of a better Villain than the Joke and I can't think of anyone.  I think the Joker (Heath Ledger or Mark Hamill) is the best villain in any movie, game, comic or book that I have so far experienced.  Sure there are lots of bad guys out there the do bad things but Joker does it with such style that he is my favorite.  Anyone else have a suggestion for is the best villain, not just in Arkham City but any medium.  Careful with Spoilers .


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Is one of the best indeed.

gonna be hard to beat joker, especially after Heath Ledger's performance.  However, why does everyone now forget about Jack Nicholson's portrayal?  Thought he was great as well

Joker then Darth Vader, everyone else comes after them.

Jack Nicholson was still too campy in my opinion, too much of a goof to take seriously.  Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill are the only ones to make Joker truly dark and someone to be feared.  His Joker and comedy don't distract for the evils he want to unleash, they emphasis it.  @October Guard that doesn't mean he wasn't good, just not in the same league as the others he we almost a different character to me.

I agree 100 percent the Joker.

Heath Ledger's Joker was better than Jack Nicholson's portrayal. Mind you back when the original Batman was released,the acting and general tone of the Batman movies then was different than the latest ones,which are much better,especially the garbage Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

My favorite Villain....One is not a comic character but the other one is. The first one is

1-Anton Chigurh...He is the hitman from- No Country for Old Men.

2-D.C.Comics- Darkseid.


5-Solomon Grundy

Any other suggestions who could be a better Villain than Joker? I can't think of any right now.  But I am not that well versed in comic books.  IGN made Joker #2 out of the top 100 villains, giving Magneto #1 status. I really disagree with this, Magneto is cool and all but Joker would destroy him with only a small smile.  I feel like I am over looking some really rivals I just can think of them.

1.Black Ninja (Ken Kyodai) from Batman the animated series

2.Lock-up (Lyle Bolton) from Batman the animated series


Arnold Swarchenegger as Mr. Freeze.

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