No mr postman today, ***!!!


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Who did you order from?

asda direct!! lol

but was dispatched 2 days ago!


That sucks because BF3 is pretty damn fun and you're missing out on all the fun. To add to your torture, it'll take you another 1/2hr to enter codes, download and install everything before you can play.... and then you have to hope that the servers in your region are up and running so you can at least play a couple of games before they go down again. Oh, the humanity!


All in good fun sir, all in good fun. Please don't hate me... too much.

aww Well off back to F1 2011, awsome game!!

you might have been better off going in after midnight and picking it up instore

na ill be sleeping lol!!! never understood that ha ha

Half an hour to enter codes and stuff, WOW.

[quote user="Xo Dark Wolf oX"]

Half an hour to enter codes and stuff, WOW.

[/quote]I exaggerate a little, for torture purposes. I had to do the input and install for mine and my sons xbox, plus I installed the MP portion of the game on the HDD.