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I've been waiting for some really good arcade games to come out, and I'm not saying the few that have come out recently aren't good, they just don't really appeal to me.  Like Bastion.  Seeing all the attention it got I looked at a few screens and a trailer.  Nothing really came out at me to be honest.  I'm remembering those damn good games that are simply TOP NOTCH.  Like Limbo, Castle Crashers, hell even Peggle was addicting as hell!  Games that are just good no matter what.  As much as I kow it won't happen, I am dying for a Limbo II.  That game just had so much creativity, the design style, the puzzle style, the hidden eggs and the hunt for them and competing with Germany or whoever it was.  Great times!  But enough reminiscing.

I'm here to ask people who know best.  The community.  What are some great arcade games I'm missing out on?  A few games that just don't look like my type are Shadow Complex, Braid, Bastion, that mexcian wrestling adventure game, Trials HD...are just a few.  I'd just rather not pay the money to play a game for at most a week.  Are there Arcade Games coming out that are going to be amazing?

OH! And the game "From Dust" looks absolutely killer!  I've read that it has some harsh difficulty spikes and that it's only 7-8 hours and single player only.  But there has to be a mode where you can just play around, right?  Anyways, I'll definitely be picking that up tomorrow...


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Bastion is a great game and Trials HD is an outstanding game and will eat any spare time you have. Games like Stacking, Dishwasher, Section 8: Predujice, Worms 2, Torchlight are great and well worth a punt.

Torchlight is good,  worms2 aswell if you're playing with others. Deadliest warriors 2 is nice aswell, like it better then the new Mortal Kombat. And Dead Block is cool aswell.

I'm not all for the 3D third person adventure magic games like torchlight, or Bastion seem like they fit into that category.  I do have worms 2 though, which is great fun! I also forgot to mention Geometry Wars 1 and 2.  Battlefeild was another good one but with the extremely small amount of maps it got old a little quicker than I wanted it .

Portal is good, ummmm..... theres a game coming out tomorrow that ill be getting thatlooks promising. Its called from dust. battlefield 1943 is good but i dont know if its servers are still online.

Where is the Castle Crashers sequel?

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