Hey Guys My Name Is Daryle nd i wanna play with very great COD players. Of Course a nice sense of humor :D.

Just want ppl to join my clan HaHa. All the requirements is yuu gotta have a positive KD or very VEry close to 1.00 .

I also need ppl who go for those hiqh killstreaks, my main ex. is the osprey gunner. i always go for them unless  im goinq for the MOAB but

pretty much the osprey. But i also need sum ppl who uses support to help us nd just different killstreaks. Last thinq is PLS have a Mic ! MY Gamemodes r Domination, Demolition, nd Hopinq ppl put their Gamertagg down, Ground War. Now I actually Try to win but if im on a streak im not doinq anythinq untill i die :D

Tomorrow for us in New York ima get on in dhe afternoon nd add yuu guys! so Pls Leave Yurr Gamertaqq Below if yuu can do this.

Thank Yuu Guys :)


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