Great news for those who pre-ordered via Origin for the consoles!

As the title states, there is good news. Those who pre-ordered the console version of the game through Origin Store may have had content missing, the AT12 Radier Shotgun. It was the during pre-order period that all pre-orders would recieve the bonus content. Only to be told after the game's launch that the content was only for PC. To make up for this error they are now adressing the issue currently and will make the content to console pre-orders via Origin for free (like originally advertised). This infomation has was recieved by me via EA game advisor via customer service chat. This should ileviate your concerns, though I cannot say when this will be completed.

(personal infomation has been censored but everything else the transcript is exact and otherwise complete)

You are now ready to chat with Pradeep.
Pradeep: Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name
is Pradeep how may I help you?

you: Hello Pradeep, give me a minute to

Pradeep: Hello (censored)

Pradeep: Sure.

Pradeep: Take your time.

you: I am here to request a rebate for my pre-ordered purchase of Mass
Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition for the Xbox 360. Reason being that during the
pre-order period I was given the false advertisement/infomation that the At12
Raider Shotgun was included for "all" preo-orders via the Origin Store. This
also includes confirming this with an EA game advisor prior to purchase. It
never stated anywhere on the site until after the game's release that it was
only for the PC version. This was an error by EA/Origin/Bioware and I understand
that. But that fact is I recieved an incomplete product and I am requesting some
form of consideration by Origin for not honoring the sale. It would go along way
to improve my view of the company.

Pradeep: I understand your concern. Please
don't worry, I will try my best to help you out.

Pradeep: I can understand
your anxiousness with this, had I been in your place I would have reacted in the
same way.

Pradeep: May I know your gamer tag please

you: (censored)

Pradeep: Thank you.

Pradeep: May I know the email id you
are using for Bioware Login?

you: (censored)

you: (censored)

you: sorry

Pradeep: Thank you for the email id.

Pradeep: May I know the DLC
name you did not have?

you: AT12 Raider Shotgun

Pradeep: Is there anything

you: No, that is the only thing I didn't recieve


Pradeep: May I please put your chat on hold for a minute to work on your

you: Okay.

Pradeep: Thank you.

Pradeep: I apologize that you
had to wait longer than expected. I appreciate your time and co-operation.

Pradeep: This shotgun is only applicable for PC.

Pradeep: Because of this reason you did not get this DLC.

you: This was in no way advertised for PC
only during the per-order period. It was advertised for all pre-orderes of mass
effect 3 on Origin. This was an error, but was the main reason for my

Pradeep: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

you: As a loyal paying customer, I think i deserve something tangible for an incomplete

Pradeep: Please tell me what you want.

you: I want something in place of not recieving content that was advertised. I am not going to get the
DLC in question, then I should recieve something in replacement.

you: either a considerable discount, even if it for another game from origin, or any form of
rebate. Whatever is in your power to make happen, would restore my faith in

Pradeep: I am sorry but it is not possible to provide you any
discount code as this promotion has been ended.

you: Do I have any other

Pradeep: Let me check it with our supervisors.

you: Thank you.

Pradeep: You are welcome.

Pradeep: I apologize that you had to wait
longer than expected. I appreciate your time and co-operation.

Pradeep: I have checked in this regard.

Pradeep: Many of EA customers have reported this
issue and our development team is working on it.

Pradeep: Please don't worry
it'll available soon for consoles too.

you: Thats news to me.

you: For free? or would I have to pay for it?

Pradeep: No, there would not be any fee
for it.

Pradeep: Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can
help you with today?

you: Before I let you go, can you tell me how I would
recieve this content? Will it be via an email or automatic?

Pradeep: It would be available in your account.

Pradeep: You'll be notified in this

you: Okay, thank you for your help in getting to the bottom of the
issue. I appreciate your effort and time. I will relate this infomation to other
people that are in the same boat, so to speak. To elate their concerns that EA
is adressing the issue.

Pradeep: Thank you for understanding.

Pradeep: If you need help with anything else, please feel free to contact us

Pradeep: Thank you for contacting EA and chatting with me. I
appreciate your time and have a great day!

The chat session has ended.
Please contact us again if you need further help.

Your chat session has


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I have to admire your nerve of asking for a free game for a missing piece of DLC.

I guess your right, but didn't want a full refund. Now I am satisfied since they are adressing the missing content.

That's kinda.... I dunno, considering all other information about the DLC pacts did point out that the AT-12 Raider was indeed PC only. It was even on Mass Effect's official website. Even as an N7 Collector edition owner, I knew a head of time that that weapon was PC only when it was only included in the standard and N7 digital edition. Now whether or not the Origin ad was ambiguous in stating which version would get it, I won't debate. But honestly, if that was the only reason why you pre-ordered the game through Origin without thoroughly reading else where, then I have absolutely no respect for you and what you tried to accomplish.


It is not missing content because it was never meant to be included. You just read what you wanted to read.


I preordered from orgin and got this email a week ago  about this

Thank you for your recent purchase of Mass Effect 3 from Origin.

We apologize that we have not been able to supply the AT12 Raider Shotgun pre-order bonus item that was promised with your Mass Effect 3 purchase on Origin.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to provide this item to gamers who ordered the console version of our game.

To make good on our error, we're offering you a free Collector Rifle Pack, which includes the Collector Assault Rifle and four randomly selected items perfect for taking down Reapers, Geth, and Cerberus agents in Mass Effect 3's online multi-player mode. We sincerely hope that this change doesn't detract from your enjoyment of the game.

To redeem your new weapon, navigate to the Mass Effect 3 multi-player menu and click "Store." You'll find the Collector Rifle Pack there.

Thank you for your patience,

The Origin Team

I guess they tried to do it through account being linked, but i have diff. email that i used for purchase so i never got either, i tried chatting and i believe i got the same guy pradeep but dude was clueless.

So your Bioware/EA is different from the account you ordered with? That would be a problem I think.

yeam my email for xbox live and gametag through where account is linked is different than the email i used to sign up for on origin and buy the game, i may try and call or email but no big deal anyways

Wait a second i pre ordered this for my pc and never got anything... ill be right back.