Great Job Balancing Decks

Really good job making the decks more evenly matched.  In the first version, there were a couple decks that were much stronger than the others, and a few decks that were almost unplayable.

Still no end step, but now has access to your upkeep and combat phases.

Enjoying this game thoroughly.

I don't think we need deck-building option.  If you were allowed to freely mix cards, two days after release you would have one or two decks that were just unstoppable and using anything else would be pointless.  Just look at the Type 2 format.  You have 1500+ cards and it always ends up as 3-4 decks that just dominate everything else.  Would ruin this game for new players.



On the PS3 version, you can play as a guest using the main account's unlocked decks and cards.  On XBOX, you're stuck using only the green or white decks to play 2-headed games.  Kind of ruins the Local 2-headed mode.  Is there any way to fix this at this point??


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Yeah I guess I'll have to try that.  Should have made it like the PS3 version, but oh well at least we don't get our accounts hacked!!

AKILLA, to fix that 2-headed giant issue, you need to have the 2nd player not be a guest. Make a gamer profile for that person and use that profile to unlock the decks (doesn't take long as you know). You can then use that 2nd profile to use anything you want. That's how the first Magic game worked too.

yeah that's true, no straight control, though im sure they're going to release expansions...

So far the decks seem pretty even.  I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't really much of a control option though.  The pervious DotP had a reasonable mono-U control (and mono-B was control-ish) in the core game, but all of the decks here seem to be mostly straight creature-based aggro (except for UG ramp).  Still fun, but it leaves something to be desired.

u hit it on the head killa the decks arent very good to start out with and the comp starts with fully customized decks (from what i noticed) so of course the decks will feel like they arent balanced at 1st. my only complaint is that some of the decks are basically some of the downloaded decks from the 1st game with some new additions to them.(such as the vampire and white equipment decks)

IDK I disagree, although I will say that before unlocking cards, some of the decks are utter garbage..

Imo the decks are horribly unevenly matched, granted Ive only played a few hours after work.