Great games at low prices?!

i cant see a thread like this going at the moment but they are always good to find a deal.

i recently got JUST CAUSE 2 for less then 10 pound, im not a massive open world GTA style fan but i managed to get 12 hours of enjoyment out of it :)


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I'm not too familiar with foreign currency, but that sounds like a steal.

If you play it smart enough and do some searching, you can find some killer game deals in stores, and online. Though, that sounds like a great deal.

steam has been having really good sales for the past ten days.

I got GTA 4 and Liberty city stories for 9.99 for both.

Hydrophobia for about 3 dollars

AVP both DLC packs for under 4 dollars

Quantum of solace for 6 dollars

Blood stone for 10 dollars

Overlord 1 and 2 plus all the dlc for both games for 5.99

Fear, fear files, fear 2 and DLC for 9.99

Just cause 2 4.99

Medal of honor 9.99.

thinking of getting metro 2033 for 13 bucks. as well

also maybe a couple of the prince of persia games for under 5 bucks.

FoomBerry if your in America then £10 is around $16-17 dollars :)

i got fallout3 goty via steam for $10.

@Guns    Sounds like it was a good deal

If anyone wants to know where the UK section is, it's right here.

Anyway good deal you got there.

Hi, I don't know if you know about


It's what I often use for finding games cheap.


As you can see Just Cause 2 can be bought new for below £9

Final Fantasy XIII for 14 quid.

Flashpoint red river for 19.99

Both brilliant. Great value.