Great Game!!!

It´s a game to remember! it´s not perfect but it fills the gap in the style/type of game!! And the story could be better!!! But still good!!


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i know right , BTW doom 4 is coming do you know when ? plz answer

I just finished it today, missing 3-4 easy achievements that I should have looked at, before I got too far into the game. But it's a keeper and for me, that says a lot about the game.

Awesome game..loads to do, engages you for many many hours! Got loads to still do!

I love it also but it's not that much to do really. My only gripe is the terrible ending and how short it is. It's literally only 5 missions on the 2nd disc (going by the main story) and your done. But it was still fun, definitely enjoyed it and co-op was cool too, actually met some good players.

Meh, it was okay imo. I'm a major sucker for single player games, but this one just dissapointed. Sure, the graphics made me make multiple messes in my underpants, and the gameplay was good, but the ending and the length was horrible. Thankfully, I borrowed this game, finished the Campaign in 5 days of playing no more than 3 hours a day.

I really hope to god that iD screwed the pooch on this one, because up until the end, I was considering RAGE as a preview for Skyrim. Someone make iD remake Doom 3 and release either a full blown game or an XBLA port and I'll be good. :)

That's my two and a half cents, i'm done ranting, bye RAGE forums! /wave

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i know right , BTW doom 4 is coming do you know when ? plz answer



Sorry about the delay in getting back to you!

About the subject in question i can't help you don`t know either!!