Great game so far...pretty balanced!

Been playing magic on/off for over 17 years now and the best thing about this game so far is the balance.  As for the previous Duels of the Planeswalker, it was all vampire or nothing.  Playing this game, every deck is pretty much even keeled to each other in terms of power and effectiveness.  Sure there are more powerful decks than the others but each deck has its own strength and weaknesses and its own metagame decks against it.  And $10 is cheap compared to the thousands of dollars I've spent over the years lol


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Yeah, I'm hoping the next expansion has some control in it...because right now it's creatures vs creatures.  Though I like how each deck has more focus and not random cards thrown in it.  Like a real dragon deck, illusions, etc.  I havent downloaded it yet for xbox because I got it on steam, but sooner or later I will load it up on xbox.  Seems like my kids play more of their games on the xbox than I do lol.  

I totally agree.   I ranted quite a bit in the forums, about how Stainless Games was probably not the company that should be handling Magic.   But I'm eating my words now. Stainless, I take back all the nasty things I said about you! This game is really good!  


However, there are a couple minor complaints.  For one, I think the lack of Wrath Effects  hurts the game a little.  Having cards like Final Revels / Wrath/ Planar Cleansing in the format adds a certain element.   Knowing when it's ok to over-extend, taking advantage of an opponent that doesn't or just having that possible top deck during an otherwise losing game, etc.