great game but these glitches kill the fun

From game freezing to enemys walking sideways in the ground. They need to fix these there latest patch didn't seem to help.


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Agreed. I would happily re-buy the game if they would fix the autosave glitch - it is beyond infuriating to find out that an hour or more went by since I last saved and just didn't notice. I love playing the game, but don't want to sit and replay the same stuff.

Agreed. I was on one of the main quests and for some reason I ended up inside of a rock, course I also forgot to save it before so it was behind by 3 or 4 minutes. Later on, I was at the brotherhood of steel trying to finish up the quest and for some reason they all were targeting me, but weren't shooting at me. I decided to take advantage of this, killed the elder, etc.. they still weren't attacking me.. once I put the self destruct on then they did, ugh... now I'm stuck in there.. lol, or rank up to get 100 XP for lockpick..